Our Leadership Organization

Our leadership is fostered and shared among a Council of Trustees (biographies), a WorldWide Coordinating Director, a WorldWide Support Team, a Core Team and a Global Council. The Coordinating Director, together with the WorldWide Support Team, guides the movement’s day-to-day processes, programs and decision making.

The supervisory Council of Trustees ensures Humanity’s Team stays focused on achieving its ends. Everyone else works on the means to achieve them.

Humanity’s Team has adopted a “Seven C’s” process to guide the movement’s culture, principles and norms. Depicted in a flowerlike symbol, Humanity’s Team employs the Seven C’s — Consciousness, Courage, Communication, Collaboration, Consensus, Commitment and Call to Action — throughout the movement’s creation process.

From global strategies to community grassroots initiatives, the movement focuses on cultivating the growth of a New Spirituality that recognizes life’s unity and humanity’s oneness, while respecting the wondrous diversity inherent in us all.

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