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Dreaming the Possible Dream
The Obama Phenomenon
Catapulting Oneness into the Mainstream
Integral Life
Grassroots Fundraising . . . HT Style
And Last But Not Least

Dreaming the Possible Dream

new steve picHumanity's Team has a big dream, some might even call it a gigantic dream, that we shall awaken the world to Oneness, and create a deeply loving and wholly sustainable world within a generation, so that our children and future generations will inherit a New Earth.

This could feel like a job too big to take on until you break it down and place a small part of the responsibility with each of us individually. This is precisely what Humanity's Team and other like-minded organizations and individuals are doing globally. Around the world, people are awakening and becoming transformed. Transformation is a process, not something immediate, so we are all in various states of evolution but make no mistake, we are changed people, and the world is changing little by little even as you read this.

Awakening is opening to God's loving presence and embracing it fully as it sweeps away all worry and thoughts that are not true. For example, the thought that there is not enough money, when in reality it is our state of mind that is in "lack", or that someone was "rude" when it is clear the person is having a bad day. It is seeing God's omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence and realizing there is nothing we see that is not touched by God (When we see with our spiritual eyes, we can see God's grandeur in the dispossessed, the homeless and the incarcerated). It is knowing who we are but also whose we are. As we surrender fully to God's presence, we feel the love, joy and peace of God.

When we come to see what cosmologists call the "singularity", some scientists refer to as the "unified field", and spiritualists refer to as "God's likeness and image" everywhere and in everything, we enter into a blissful state. We awaken from our deep slumber and sense of separation with all of the attendant anxieties and join with the heart of God where we reconnect with our natural state: health, wellbeing, and abundance.

We know who We Really Are. We experience our Self as sacred and divine and we see all others are sacred and divine also. Our desire is to nurture our life, the lives of all those around us, and all life occupying our planet.

As we come into contact with others, they feel our joy, peace and confidence. People feel "safe" because there is no desire to compete or take advantage (In God's love these things are not possible). God's love seeks only to extend itself with no strings attached.

This is all very "contagious". We very naturally seek the pursuit of happiness so when joyful possibilities surface, we want to pursue them. This is how awakening and transformation begin.

For me it has been a long journey that started when God woke me in a dream to my sister's death, months before she died in the early 1980's, so I could be with her one last time. Many things have happened to me since then, as my soul has called in other deeply profound experiences. My transformation process is still unfolding. Some things are easy for me but other things are very challenging. I cannot walk on water and I cannot reverse death as Jesus demonstrated, but I do believe this is possible for me and for all people when we come into complete communion with God (Did Jesus not say "This you shall do and more"). I am in no hurry. I take each day as it comes and focus on being my highest and grandest Self. I've found it is not necessary that I be ready, it is only necessary that I be willing. God does the rest.

If we stand back for a moment and consider the force and magnitude of our work, it is clear how we manifest our "Possible Dream" isn't it? We understand "We are all One" so we very naturally renew and restore our connection with God and each other. We then manifest our dream by stepping fully into God's presence and God's grace in every moment. The dream then spreads freely as we extend God's love person-to-person. It doesn't take long before we awaken the whole world to Oneness and the world is transformed from what it is today into a deeply loving and wholly sustainable world. We shall do this in a generation.

Thanks for being part of this very special journey with us!

All my love,

P.S.  Based on your feedback, I'll be updating my Director's Blog more frequently...starting this week.  My goal is twice a week.  So check back frequently...or...take advantage of the "Bookmark" feature at the bottom right corner of the blog page (nearly all pages on our site, for that matter!) to have updates sent to you automatically.

The Obama Phenomenon
By Philippe Stellaire (France)

Barack ObamaThe world has experienced a memorable historic moment in human history: the inauguration of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States.

Who could have believed that such a moment would occur? Well, all those who like you and me can see beyond appearances, and can look upon others with a new sensitivity.

The first time I heard Mr. Obama speak on the radio, without even seeing him, I immediately felt the energy of a leader and, through him, the energy of hope. A leader and hope: two qualities that humanity in distress often lacks. It is not surprising that he had such an overwhelming victory.

And when some people said Americans were not ready to elect a black president we, on the contrary, saw the whole of humanity ready for a change. That is one of the historic facts of this victory; it is without doubt the first election catapulted by the energy of the whole world! What we could call the "Obama phenomenon" not only concerned the person who voted; it concerned the conscience of our Oneness, of our unity. We have been privileged to see the first "world vote" and that is precisely the power of Spirit.

Each American who voted this time had the feeling his vote would count, comforted in his energy and in his feelings by a collective mass movement. And the entire world was ready for that because we now have, more and more, the feeling that we are interrelated.

Soon there will be no nation in the world whose destiny can be decided without it closely concerning all the others. That is the most beautiful wish that we can have for our too often divided humanity, which in reality is just one.

So the change has nothing to do with appearances and conventions, fear and cynical arguments, because its source is in the force of life, the power of Spirit. This Obama phenomenon is undoubtedly the event of a major shift in the global collective consciousness.

It is a wonderful invitation to believe in change in our societies, but also in ourselves. It is the proof that if one percent of the world's population meditated for peace, we can create a conscious shift in energy that is felt worldwide. Indeed, that is precisely what was produced on the day of the United States election.

It is also proof that another existence is on the move - an existence beyond the domain of human and social possibilities that others have tried to make us believe or accept. That which is supposedly impossible and judged unacceptable is taking place before our eyes. This unacceptable thing is in fact hope - hope that others have tried to strangle by fear, by enslavement and by subjecting the suffering people to a constricting and sterile system.

Of course, Barack Obama, with his leadership qualities and his ability to transmit this energy of hope, is not humanity's savior. He neither can, nor should he, take charge of each person's individual responsibility. But on the other hand he already constitutes a reference of existential will. If great things happen today, it is perhaps because certain people already accept in themselves and in all simplicity their own divine nature.

People who fully and consciously accept their divine nature are capable of miracles.

This divine nature must maintain its direction, whatever the obstacles. It is beyond sentimentality; it does not compromise, but gently reminds people and circumstances what is the path of good sense, freedom, love and reconciliation.

The success of Obama is an example of inner strength and Light, to find and make manifest in splendor. Our power is so immense that we can block ourselves completely. But conversely we can also be full of the power of good will; we can believe in different values; we can choose not to compromise ourselves and, on the contrary, lift ourselves ever higher.

We must begin with ourselves. The world lacks examples and we are called to be examples today to inspire all those around us. No need to be president of the United States for that. On the contrary, power can be an obstacle to growth.

We need inspired and altruistic political leaders, but even more, we need leaders in our daily life and in all areas of society.

So be a leader and a vector of Light wherever you are, my friends. The world thanks you.

Catapulting Oneness into the Mainstream

We are all living proof that setting intentions produces results. Less than three months from now, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Desmond Tutu, will accept the HT Spiritual Leadership Award on stage at the 2009 Oneness Summit in South Africa.

THANK YOU to all who have donated, has asked others to donate, is donating, and will donate. You are making a huge difference!

Now we...you, me, all 16,000 of us in Humanity's Team around the world...collectively intend to attract the abundance needed to make this event not merely happen, but to stand out to all of humanity. This is crucial because this event will be the catalyst for taking Humanity's Team's efforts to a whole new level of prominence and recognition on the world stage. Every Teammate will be proud to say, "I helped make this event possible."

Integral Life
by Robb Smith Chief Executive Officer, Integral life

Integral LifeIntegral Life was founded to help bring unity to a fragmented world. A membership at IntegralLife.com helps people on their growth path: to freedom, and away from fragmentation, partial perspectives and egocentrism; to oneness, where our unity-in-diversity is realized; and to fullness, where every part of our humanness is embraced. As a special offer to Humanity's Team members, if you visit Integral Life at this link http://integrallife.com/learn-more and input coupon code E7D9855F you will receive a 33% discounted membership to IntegralLIfe.com for only $9.95/month (regularly $14.95/month). This special Humanity's Team rate will be valid for the LIFETIME of your membership, which is the best membership rate that Integral Life has ever offered and reflects the importance we place on the HT community! Remember, you'll input coupon code E7D9855F for your special membership rate when you click the "Join Now" button. We can't wait to welcome you to the Integral Life community!

Never before has the world been so small-in the 21st century, people have unprecedented access to all the world's knowledge, wisdom, and culture. And yet, considering the absolutely massive amount of information available to us, the world has never been so unfathomably huge. With so much data at our fingertips it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the world, lost in the wilderness of our own minds, feeling the pain of fragmentation in our own lives.

In our hearts, we know that we live in an interconnected world, even if we cannot always see our own interdependent nature. We share a persistent sense that somehow everything makes sense, even while confusion threatens to cloud our best judgment.

There is a deep intuition that our lives are already whole, even if we lose sight of that intrinsic wholeness from time to time. We know that the human family is capable of truly miraculous feats, even as we watch ourselves inflict terrible pain upon each other and our planet.

We know that there is so much more to who we are, what we are doing, and where we are going than meets the eye. We know that our world consists of billions of very different points of view, all of which are valid and deserve to be included in our conceptions of reality. We know that there are more things in heaven and earth than ever dreamt of in our grandest philosophies, and are aching for a way to make sense of it all.

This is what Integral Life is all about. Recognizing the fact that everything in our universe hangs together, that everything connects to everything else, Integral Life offers a way to actually identify the connective patterns of our world. It is a powerful community of scholars, practitioners, artists, and visionaries, all of whom are assembling the pieces of our jigsaw reality so that a larger image of our world and our lives begins to emerge--an image of wholeness that can renew our optimism, rekindle our passion, and remind us all of the divine rhythms beating in each of our hearts.

By taking all dimensions of ourselves and the world around us into account, we begin to see wholeness where we once only saw brokenness, light where we once only saw shadow, integrity where we once only saw our own biases. In short, we begin to see the elegance of an integrated world, allowing a newly-integrated self to find peace with more of the manifest world than ever before possible-until this moment is inevitably swept up by the persistent gush of time, supplanted by something unimaginably deeper and better than us all-yet somehow unmistakably the same.

Integral Life, found at www.integrallife.com, is your gateway to some of the most cutting-edge conversations taking place in today's world. Featuring hundreds of hours of audio and video conversations with today's greatest thinkers, leaders, artists, and visionaries, these discussions span a wide range of topics-including spirituality, sexuality, psychology, ecology, art, business, and politics. Through the rich diversity of subject matter runs a single thread: a fierce determination to connect the dots of our fragmented lives, and begin to make sense of a world gone slightly mad. The Integral approach offers a way to step beyond the limitations of traditional dogmatism, modern materialism, postmodern irony and rampant deconstructionism, while honoring and including the very best of all these worldviews. It is a place to learn and to grow, to work and to play, to understand and to awaken. It is a place to inhale and to exhale, where open hearts and open minds can celebrate the joys of human experience, share the struggles of a difficult world, and help each other become as creative, compassionate, and comprehensive as we can possibly be.

Integral Life is here for you, to help you feel the immeasurable freedom and fullness that awaits you at the core of your being, as well as the radical perfection that you always already are.

Grassroots Fundraising . . . HT Style
Chip Cooper

Humanity's Team recently kicked off a new fundraising campaign to nurture our movement, specifically focused on raising the thousands of dollars required to put on the Oneness Summit and Global Council Meeting in South Africa next April. This time we're trying a very different approach!

We've harnessed an online system in which you can create your own fundraising web page on behalf of Humanity's Team. We call it, "YES, We Can - Humanity's Team!" Using a special web-based application, each Teammate who would like to help nurture Humanity's Team merely clicks on this link. That takes them to a page on which they are able to either accept a pre-designed fundraising page template or customize it to their personal style, including establishing their fundraising own goal amount.

Teammates then insert email addresses of family members and friends who are likely to support Humanity's Team's mission of Awakening the World to Oneness. Then with the click of a mouse, emails are sent to those family members and friends, inviting them to an HT donation page on which they can fill in their credit card information for a one time or recurring donation. Teammates who created their fundraising pages can return at any time to monitor the progress of achieving their fundraising goal amount, and the number of people who have contributed, by clicking here and searching the list for their own last name.

Clicking here shows you a list of all of the fundraising pages that Teammates have created so far.

If you haven't already set yours up, you can do it now . . . so we can all "pull together"...as One!

And Last But Not Least
by Nannette Kennedy & Ruth Luna

We need your volunteering hands to rise up! So many wonderful projects like the Oneness Summit in South Africa, Translation of newsletters, website design and maintenance, email blasts and videos, the Oneness Petition, the Oneness Quote Project for an HT sponsored documentary on Oneness and several others are in progress. Anyone who is able to help, please let us know.

We are also looking for a Volunteer Coordinator. With the fantastic news of Archbishop Desmond Tutu announcing that he will accept the 2009 Humanity's Team Spiritual Leadership Award, the pace is really speeding up.

If you have interest in helping Anna-Mari Pieterse with the Oneness Summit preparations, please contact her immediately at amari [at] humanitysteamsa [dot] org.

If you have interest in promoting the Oneness Petition, please contact nannette.kennedy [at] humanitysteam [dot] org . Please write "Oneness Petition" in the subject line.

If you love languages and have translation experience from English into your native language, please write to ruth.luna [at] humanitysteam [dot] org. Ruth is in charge of our international translation team. Please write "Translations volunteer" in the subject line. There is so much work on translation to keep everyone current. If you have the time, the translation team can really use your help. For interest regarding the Volunteer Coordinator position, contact lynn.launer [at] humanitysteam [dot] org. Please write "Volunteer Coordinator" in the subject line.

If you have interest in finding compelling quotes regarding Oneness, please contact nannette.kennedy [at] humanitysteam [dot] org. Please write "Oneness quotes" in the subject line.

For general information contact info [at] humanitysteam [dot] org and write "volunteer" in the subject line.

Special thanks to Ann Cook, Chip Cooper, Thomas Dachsel, Kirill Filonenko, Gerry Harrington, Monika Jamborova, Nannette Kennedy, Miriam Klajnberg, Lynn Launer, Ruth Luna, Chansomaly Ouk, Colline Gori, Danielle Dauphinais, Lénah Chonville, Mireille Cantin, Philippe Pasqualini, Anna-Mari Pieterse, Nancy Seymour, Nikolay Sluzhinin,Dannie Stahlecker, Catalina Sursilov and Danielle Versé for helping with the creation, translation and publication of this newsletter.

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