Heart Words from Unconditional Love

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Dec 31 1969 - 5:00pm

The Heart Words from the Source of Unconditional Love


The power that resides in the hearts of man and woman can manifest all of natures wonderous creations through the loving flow of energy we call life. Life is love expressed unconditionally. Our lives as humans are so interconnected to our environment, that without natures resources we would cease to exist.

We are more than our individuality, we are a piece of a connected whole. Our physical lives try to show us what is ahead, waiting for us in the spiritual world. We would not be able to live on this earth without the light/energy from our sun. This sun of GOD loves all life equally and without favor. Now if our sun can give life here in the physical world or manifested creation, we can only imagine what light our spiritual lives in eternity will be like.

In life there are so many choices and experiences to have, it can be overwhelming. We have to find what resonates with our hearts. This resonance is the pull from your spiritual self saying "hey, do you remember me" We know when we have connected with our higher self by seeing signs within yourself that will cause you to pause and question the nature of reality.

Who are we? Why did we come here to experience life on earth? What is my purpose? This is the question of the ages. The question that leads countless souls on the journey back home, into a state of awareness of the SELF.

Once we have a glimpse of the possibilities of eternity, we can live this life Free of the ups and downs. Not saying you will never experience life and all of its many variations, but you will experience it from a place of total peace and surrender. A place where all roads lead to love. You will see the oneness and GOD in all causes and effects. Oneness is the road that leads to self discovery. The path of love.

"Be joyful and happy and you will find GOD"

Dwayne Chamble