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Thank You for Noticing by Tracey Love Lee

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Where Nothing is Impossible.............

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I'm Sorry...

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I'm sorry...


Inspirations by Sudhir Krishnan

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Would more money make you happy?

Would more success make you happy?

Would more knowledge make you happy?

Would more recognition make you happy?

Would having a bigger house make you happy?

Would having a more fancy car make you happy?

Would more career advancement make you happy?

Would more educational qualifications make you happy?

Paradigm Shift

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From the Theta EBook.......

The only way to explain it is we all already know how to do everything. There is an infinite mind which we are all a part. If one person has done it then be assured one person has paved the way for the rest of us.

Second Chance...

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Second Chance...


I hung my hat on a wishing tree
I asked for one wish
I could've had three
But I only asked for what I needed

Could've asked for money riches and wealth
But all I really wanted was to find myself
Unaccustomed as I was to seeking

And my heart whispered inside
And the moon rose and the angels sighed
And they said...

Faith Symbols...

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Faith Symbols...

Yantra Faith Symbols

The Differences Between Religion and Spirituality by Ed and Deb Shapiro

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Peace is the goal.  Tolerance is the method.

Tolerance is being open and receptive to the beauty of differences.

Tolerance is mutual respect through mutual undertanding.

The seed of intolerance are fear and ignorance.

The seed of tolerance, love, is watered by compassion and care.

Those who know how to appreciate the good in people and situations have tolerance.

Tolerance recognizes individuality and diversity while removing divisive masks and defusing tension created by ignorance.

Tolerance is the ability to face difficult situations.

To tolerate Life's inconveniences is to let go, be light, make others light and move on.


Not Causing Harm by Pema Chodron

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Well being of mind is like a mountain lake without ripples. When the lake has no ripples, everything in the lake can be seen. When the water is all churned up nothing can be seen. The still lake without ripples is an image of our minds at ease, so full of unlimited friendliness for all the junk at the bottom of the lake that we don't feel the need to churn up the waters just to avoid looking at what is there.