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Pope Should Say 'No Best Path to God'

NEW YORK, April 14, 2008 -- Pope Benedict XVI would serve humanity best if he declared during his U.S. visit that no path to God was better than any other, a global spiritual group said Monday.

"God loves us all equally, and denies no one," the 94-country Humanity's Team movement said.

"This includes non-Catholics, homosexuals and women who have had abortions," said the nonpartisan grassroots movement dedicated to "Awakening the World to Oneness."

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Octobre 2008

HT South Africa's 'Whole in One'

Humanity’s Team SA hosted their 2nd successful “Whole-in-One” Golf Day on April 4th at the beautiful Pretoria Country Club, hosted by Gary Bailey, a quite famous Manchester United football/soccer goalkeeper in the early 1980's, now a well-known South African Sports host and commentator, a sought after speaker on 2010 World Cup, and...quite notably...a Humanity’s Team SA Teammate.

This annual event is a gentle wake-up call to the idea of Oneness.

HT European Leadership Gathering

March 27-30, 2008 twenty two HT leaders came together in Prague, Czech Republic from 14 countries to share their experiences and set intentions for Humanity's Team in Europe. Unlike previous European friendship gatherings most of the participants were Country Coordinators.

HT Releases Video Message to Pope

Boulder, Colorado April 18, 2008

Humanity's Team Worldwide Coordinating Director Steve Farrell released an urgent message to Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to the United States.

Please view and share it widely!

Video: A Message for Pope Benedict

Ken Wilber Interviews Neale

Neale Donald Walsch and U.S. philosopher-psychologist-mystic Ken Wilber appear together for the first time in a broadcast conversation about Integral Consciousness. They discuss spirituality, sexuality, psychology, business, politics and much more.

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Dalai Lama Urges Inner Peace to End Conflict

ITHACA, N.Y., Oct. 9, 2007 (AP) -- Achieving global peace must begin with each person attaining an inner peace first, the Dalai Lama told a capacity audience at New York's Cornell University Tuesday.

"It is impossible to achieve inner peace when you are full of hate, suspicion and fear," the Buddhist spiritual leader told 5,500 people who packed Barton Hall for the first of his three public appearances during a two-day visit to Ithaca.

Religious Freedom 'Inviolable,' Pope Says

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, Sept. 21, 2007 (Combined News Services) -- Religious freedom, including "the right to change religion," is a fundamental right rooted in every person's dignity, Pope Benedict XVI said in Italy Friday.

Every society must defend religious freedom as "a fundamental, irrepressible, inalienable and inviolable right rooted in the dignity of every human being," the pope said.

"The exercise of this freedom also includes the right to change religion, which should be guaranteed not only legally, but also in daily practice," he said.